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Coming Soon: A Dress Shoe Primer. . .

Later this week, learn how to avoid ugly abominations in men's footwear like these. . .  what I call the dreaded entry and mid-level corporate cubicle worker shoe.  Or, in my darker moments, what I refer to as "the sad result of the corporate headquarters of a well-known insurance giant abandoning business formal employee policies for business casual in the 90s."  

We routinely bear witness to loads of male corporate drones, employees of said insurance giant in my small American Midwestern city, who mistakenly labor under the delusion that shoes like the various pairs shown here today are somehow acceptable.  Even with a suit.  

I'm also reminded of a trial attorney I witnessed a few years ago in the courtroom, who actually wore some of these square-toed things with his shiny suit (shudder).  You'd better call Saul. . .   

For those average guys out there who want to kick up their everyday style several notches, don't miss our upcoming brief primer on tastefully styled, classic dress shoes that ought to be in your closet.  See you then.  In the meantime, do not, repeat DO NOT, buy and wear shoes that look anything like any of these!  You'll either look like a rube who knows no better, a slimy shyster lawyer, or Huggy Bear on Starsky & Hutch reruns.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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