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Dressing for the Summer Holidays. . .

Another feast for the eyes from Esquire magazine as it once was.  Although the illustration dates from the 1930s, the basic look is still sound in 2018.

It's Memorial Day here in the United States, a day when we remember our war fallen.  It is also the traditional start of the summer season here, typically observed with parades, backyard cookouts, and sometimes larger parties, although the precise kind of event and/or observation differs slightly depending on where in the country you might find yourself.

It's an early scorcher here in Mid-Michigan today, high 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (31C.-32.7C.), and if it's also hot where you are, you might be wondering how to dress comfortably for an afternoon or evening to mark the occasion.  Here's a small hint.  Dressing comfortably for  the heat need not involve a threadbare t-shirt from your college days, a wife-beater, grungy cargo shorts, or those flip flops you've been wearing for the last five summers.  And then some.

Instead, make the environment you inhabit and the event you'll attend, even if its just the immediate family in your back yard, a more elegant affair by kicking up your style a notch or three.  Think short-sleeve Madras, twill, seersucker, or polo shirts on top, and chino, Madras, Bermuda, or seersucker shorts on the bottom.  Or even Ghurka shorts like the guy in the red shirt sports above if you want to be a bit edgier.  

Toss on a casual belt of some sort with a pair of espadrilles, canvas, or leather deck shoes, and you've got a hot weather casual attire winner.  Not only will you feel comfortable in the heat, you'll feel better about yourself, and you'll dress up the event a bit.  Even if that's only for your spouse, partner, children, and/or any company who might drift through.  And mark my words, your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse will certainly appreciate that extra little bit of effort to look more presentable.

Whatever you do, we here at Classic Style hope you'll have the good graces not to schlepp around in anything resembling cruddy sweats or hoodies.  And guys?  Unless there is a swimming pool, lake with boating, or a beach nearby, it will probably be appreciated by everyone present if you keep those  shirts on.  No one else really wants to see those fuzzy gone-to-seed midsections and chests.  It's really best to keep that kind of thing under wraps unless you actually plan to join  the kids with cannonballs into the deep end.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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