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Nothing Like a Double-Breasted Suit. . .

A number of wonderful old Laurence Fellows illustrations of men in double-breasted suits.  I have and wear a few myself, but they are not good in warmer weather, and, sadly, the school year for yours truly is coming to a close before long, so mine will have to wait until the weather cools again in late September or October.  

But until then, a guy can always dream, right?  And hey, when school starts again in late August, there are single-breasted linen and seersucker suits for those warmer days, which we invariably have through September.  Yes, I know.  I can hear the collective sigh to the tune of "You overdressed, arrogant ass!"  Maybe so, but I cannot quite bring myself to dress like current undergraduates or some of my more clueless colleagues, who often look equally silly in the opposite direction.

-- Heinz-Ulrich

Sunday Morning P.S.

Parenthetically, I picked up a light gray-blue D'avenza double-breasted number (new with original tags still attached) in summer weight worsted wool for a steal on Ebay a few weeks back.  However, the inseam, waist, and sleeve length need some attention, so it hangs in the basement cedar closet for the time being until I have the time to visit my tailor.  

Yes, some forward thinking soul built in a cedar-lined closet when the basement was fully finished with various rooms and carpeting in the recent past, and the generously sized closet provides a very handy space to hang off season suits, sports jackets, and odd pairs of pants.  My office, the Young Master's play area, and his desk for schoolwork also occupy this space.  Our two cats also spend much of their time hanging around down here with father and son.

Anyway, our weather here in Mid-Michigan finally seems to be warming, so today (Sunday) seems like an opportune time to brush down the fall-winter gear.  I can then bring up and hang the warmer weather items and put away the cold weather tweeds, flannels, and corduroys, setting aside a few items for dry cleaning and/or that need mending.  Invariably, a couple of suits need a minor alteration or two.  Typically this involves inseam, waist, or letting out/taking in a suit coat or jacket out an inch or so.  It's funny how you tinker like this with various garments in pursuit of the perfect fit and drape.  Definitely a clothing nerd.

I am, in this respect, fortunate to have found a local tailor, originally from Viet Nam, who used to make menswear before coming to this country.  He has been in business here about 20 years and seems highly skilled, charging very reasonable rates for his services.  Best of all, he usually performs an added alteration or two which makes the item fit and present even better when I pick it up and try it on a week or two later.  Like so many tailors, he seems to have more business than he and his helper can handle, and the shop is always a beehive of activity, especially on Saturdays.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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