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Classic Style Advice for the Ladies. . .

For a change, a charming illustration with a few stylishly attired ladies, in a 1920s or early 1930s sense.

Way, way back in 2012, or '13, when Classic Style was a young, brash blog that managed to irritate, offend, and alienate quite a few people with its rather forthright observations, one visitor of the female persuasion, from Austria of all places if memory serves me correctly, inquired whether I knew of any good websites presenting style advice for women.  

At the time I replied that I did not.  Ever since, however, I have kept my eyes on the horizon for information about the subject of women's style.  While there are many such founts of knowledge out there, I have stumbled recently onto a few such blogs, websites, and YouTube channels that help women to fight the frump through an examination and reevaluation of their personal style and advice on how to improve it.  

After all, there is a lot more to looking good than boxy, stretchy, shapeless, pilled and oversized items in Oatmeal/Taupe/Stone/Eggshell/Ecru/Buff/Cream/Fawn/Wheat/Mocha -- with way too much scarf looped around one's neck as a haphazard afterthought -- before stumbling out the door to the car.

These various online sources below also manage to examine "Style" in an interesting, understated way that leans in the direction of classic (for women) without coming across as fusty, trendy, trashy, or just stupid.  In the interest of being well-rounded, I routinely visit these blogs/sites/channels to see what the ladies behind them have to say about the broad subject of personal style.  Here they are:

A Woman of a Certain Age

Audrey a la Mode

Iconically Rare

Justine Leconte

Marie-Anne Lecoeur


Saltwater New England

The Rachel Review

Dearly Bethany 


Some of these sources are wide ranging and look at much more than clothing and appearance, while others are rather more focused.  Several seem geared to women over the age of 30, or even 50One is more niche oriented but still highly interesting and informative in its perspective.   However, the style advice and actual thought behind it that all of the above mentioned present will serve anyone well regardless of age, sex, or gender identity when it comes to how we might approach life, and ourselves, from a more tasteful and cultivated perspective.  And that ain't a bad thing ladies and gentlemen.  Enjoy!

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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