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Self-Confidence Is Vital. . .

This photograph is not mine but comes from the Generation Rescue website.  Generation Rescue is set up to assist families with children on the Autism Spectrum by providing support and guidance to various resources.

Papataxi was in service this (Saturday) morning, shuttling The Young Master to his weekly piano lesson and Tae Kwon Do class.  He was amazing to observe during the 40+-minute session at the latter.  Markedly improved coordination, balance, and kicks.  He also worked with a partner (A small girl.  There are many of various ages in the class.), who helped him with his blocks and punches.  I've tentatively scheduled him for his Orange Belt test at the very end of the month!  One of the directors and I also have a progress meeting about ten days in advance of that. 

The transformation our son has undergone in about two months, thanks to these lessons, is almost head spinning.  At times, he is like a different child at school, home, and therapy as well as during Tae Kwon Do.  Improved focus, compliance, self-reflection, determination, and physical coordination.  His social skills have leapt forward as well thanks to working with various other children and young teenagers in the class.  The class is also diverse, with numerous Indian-American, African-American, Latino, and Asian-American kids at various skill levels practicing and working along with their white counterparts.  It's really kind of nice to witness the high degree of respect and interaction taking place as the children work toward their various and common goals

Best of all, there is plenty of positive talk from the masters who teach at the start and conclusion of each week's class on less concrete concepts like self-confidence, self-respect, perseverance, and putting one's best foot forward in every activity and interaction outside of the studio.  Extremely solid advice for anyone in view of the anything goes attitude that seems to prevail across so much of society in 2019.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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