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Zoom Office Hours Style for January 27th. . .


As above, featuring a J. Press necktie. . . 


So below.  The vintage L.L. Bean flannels, which I have not worn since last winter, suddenly fit very comfortably, even a bit loose around the waist, with plenty of room across the seat.  The ongoing weight loss continues with a pleasing general downward trend since late September last year.  20+ pounds shed at this point.  Difficult, but not impossible.  With apologies to Adam Ant.


Still having some fun with my attire,  Here's my iteration of a suggestion made a day or two ago by Charlottesville.  A very pleasing look I must admit.  

The waistcoat was a birthday gift from The Grand Duchess last November.  Again, something I had coveted for quite a few years.  Leave it to my wife, who found one in the perfect size.  Intelligent, beautiful, and darned resourceful too.  She also makes a mean Thai curry, cycles seriously, AND cross-country skis.  How could I not have fallen instantly like a ton of bricks for her?  

Parenthetically, it is almost 20 years to the day since we had out first date together on a frigid Saturday outside Minneapolis.  We skied in the morning, spent the entire afternoon talking about a million different things over lots of hot tea, and enjoyed dinner together that evening at a Ukrainian deli not far from where I lived at the time before she dropped me off and went home.  

What a magical day it was!



  1. The new vest looks very natty and stylish.

  2. Thank you! Donning it did not make the plumber get here any faster however.


  3. Very nice ensemble, H-U. I see that my recommendation, while sound, was unnecessary, as you already own a beautiful tattersall vest and clearly know how to use it to excellent effect. And congratulations on the slimming program. I managed to drop about 13 pounds a couple of years ago and have kept it at that level since; it definitely makes a difference in the fit and comfort of one's clothes.

    You are fortunate to have such an accomplished and resourceful Grand Duchess. I met Lady Charlottesville, if I may borrow your aristocratic lingo, when she was a girl of 16, and I a year older. We celebrated our 40th anniversary last month.

    Perhaps a vest in red flannel may be just the thing for next Christmas. I have one from The Andover Shop and although I wear it only during that brief season each year, it definitely brightens up a navy blazer.

    My compliments and very best wishes to you, Her Grace and the young master.


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