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Friday Pocket Square Style. . .


The upper half of today's later Zoom meeting with colleagues and some additional work-from-home activities, featuring a festive pocket square I purchased about 15 or 16 years ago in Chicago at Marshall Fields before Macy's took over.  The display of men's pocket squares was something to behold.  Rack upon rack and several large tables displayed them in their hundreds.  It was a dandy's paradise, but I spared The Grand Duchess, looked around quickly, and purchased just this one since we were on our way somewhere else. 

And the lower half, featuring corduroy jeans and my faithful old suede camp moccasins, which are my 'go to' at home shoe during the cooler half of the year.  And no socks. Yes, I know.  I know.

Still quite chilly here at Totleigh-in-the-Wold, so the oxford cloth, tweed, and cords are still very comfortable.  I find that this particular tweed jacket from J. Press, another 'go to' piece, is the most comfortable indoors because it is less heavy than, for example, those by Harris or various Irish makers.

As far as pocket squares go, this one was dug out from the bottom of my pocket square jar this morning to brighten up today's ensemble and celebrate the approaching end of the term.  We have a single week of classes left after today.  Hallelujah and amen brother!

Now, I understand that some out there do not care for pocket squares, finding them effeminate, affected, of simply louche.  I don't know about that.  I prefer to take a page from the book of journalist Gay Talese and see them as colorful, festive accessories that help us celebrate life and the simple act of being alive through our attire.  Unless one is attending a funeral or memorial service, why not liven up things a wee bit?

In any case, there are guys out there, who might like to venture into pocket square territory, but they worry about how to fold and wear them.  In the interest of ease, I suggest that stuffing the square into your coat pocket and simply forgetting about it is the way to go.  Unstudied and unfussy, yet just the final touch your sports jacket or blazer pocket needs.

 Try it yourself and see.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


  1. A particularly nice specimen, Heinz-Ulrich. And for a funeral, I would suggest half an inch of a simple white linen or cotton handkerchief peeking out of the breast pocket of one's navy suit, worn in the "TV fold." As I commented recently on Ivy Style, a naked pocket just looks unfinished to me.


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-- Heinz-Ulrich

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