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A Warm April Saturday at Home. . .


Above post-long Saturday walk and shower.  A Land's End oxford cloth button-down collar shirt from a time long ago in a galaxy far away, before the company began marketing and selling everything as  'No Iron.'   Said shirt has been in the rotation for at least 10 years, possibly longer.  And yes, that lazy mug needs a shave.

And the lower half, featuring my ever present Sebago topsiders (at least during the warmer months) and an equally well-aged pair of Land's End shorts, that over the years have faded to about the same shade of green as my long gone 1976 Volvo 244DL.  I miss that car.  Not visible is a red and navy surcingle belt with a nice brass buckle.

As I mention often enough here at Classic Style, it is entirely possible to dress comfortably, yet presentably without straying into ratty sweatpants territory.  

Presentable attire need to break the bank either.  The pieces shown here were all purchased at reasonable retail prices, on sale, or seasonal clearance.  At the newest, each is several years old.  

That's downright decrepit in the context of 21st century fast fashion.  Still holding up and looking pretty darn good, though, if I do say so myself.

Now, how about a G&T out on the veranda?  No?  Ok, then what about some reheated coffee left from breakfast?  Works for me.  As my late maternal grandmother used to say, "That'll take the paint off your teeth." 

-- Heinz-Ulrich


Down 30 pounds since last September.  Everything fits better, much of it loosely.  Minor aches and pains in the knees have gone.  I feel like the younger me again and now weigh almost what I did in 1990 at 23.  The power of (much) smaller portions at mealtimes, no second helpings, routine walking (cross-country skiing in January and February), and snacking on one hell of a lot of apples, pears, oranges, clementines, bananas, and red grapes in the meantime.


Der Alte Fritz said…
Congratulations on the shedding of pounds, quite impressive.

I’m partial to blue Oxford cloth shirts, but the 100% cotton version is a royal pain to iron ( does anyone else still use an ironing board and iron?). I prefer the 60/40 cotton/synthetic version that Arrow used to sell as they look the same, are easier to iron, and are more comfortable than all cotton Oxford cloth (especially ones that you have sent out to the cleaner for pressing - which come back stiff and starchy).

I was reading the weekend version of the Wall Street Journal yesterday and I hate to break it to you, but the no socks look is out of fashion. 😄. Maybe this only applies when worn with long trousers as admittedly socks and Topsiders paired with shorts is not a good look either. If I have to wear socks with shorts, then they need to be turned down half way and only worn with Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers.
Charlottesville said…
All cotton, must iron shirts for me as well, Heinz-Ulrich. I find that they breathe better and drape better as well. I recently gave away a half dozen no-iron, all-cotton OCBDs after deciding that they are just not as comfortable.

Fritz - All of that being said, I do understand the appeal of easy-care fabrics. I usually send my dress shirts out, but still take out the iron when needed and would not want to iron a stack of shirts every time I do laundry.

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