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June Lawn Style. . .


Still not perfect by any means, but we're getting there after three years of planning, work, and mowing twice a week between April and October.  Regular applications of organic fertilizer have helped the lawn fill in nicely over time too.  

It was very pleasant and rewarding to survey the results of yesterday's activities this morning about 9am, when these pictures were taken, as I enjoyed the morning quiet, soft air, and that second mug of coffee.  Ahhhh.  Suburban. . . dad strikes again!  

Now, we really need to do something about the bed with the weed-filled ground cover.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


Matt said…
Lovely to see so many trees too!
guy said…
V impressive but some way to go before you match HM The Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle used for the trooping of the colour and the visit of President Biden. I hate to imagine how many hours were spend getting it to that condition.

I cheerfully admit that my lawn by comparison is a disgrace.


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