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Toy Soldier Style. . .


How could I resist?  New with tags for a relative fraction of the retail price.

Given my hobby of painting and collecting 1/56-1/60 scale (nominally 30mm) mid-18th century model soldiers, how could I resist this lovely 'Makers' number from Brooks Brothers?  As close to a novelty tie as I'll get though.  No Tweety Pie, Tasmanian Devil, or Sylvester the Cat.  Sorry, guys. 

I am quite sure, it is worth noting, that Jeeves would raise his eyebrow silently at this particular necktie.  In much the same way as he did when Bingo Little turned up wearing a tie with small horseshoes all over it.  Hopefully, he would not need to sit down for several minutes somewhere quiet to collect himself.

In any case, let's call this addition to the necktie collection, one of my guilty pleasures, an early Fathers' Day gift to myself, or even a celebration of returning to campus in late August.  I'm ready.  Working from home was old hat by May 2020.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes I do occasionally play games with the toy soldiers although I do not make the cannon and musketry noises with my mouth.  The 11-year old Young Master has that particular detail covered quite well, thank you very much.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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