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Casual Thursday. . .


In the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously, here is a shot of The Young Master doing his best Bogart in the final scene from Casablanca.  You know how to whistle, don't you?  Our son, home today due to an in-service day for teachers and staff at his school, almost fits my size 59 hats a month shy of his twelfth birthday.

An appointment outdoors on campus this morning for a university-sanctioned head shot for use with email, Zoom, course pages, and the like.  So, I decided to go a bit less formal for this sunny, cool September day.  

The jacket is a vintage linen-wool blend by Hart, Schaffner, and Marx.  I was after something with some color and pattern for warmer weather that was not as in your face as the brighter cotton Madras number hanging nearby in my closet.  Suits on the left of the rod, sports jackets and odd pants on the right.  

Ties and belts on a rack at the far right of same closet, a wardrobe actually, and dress shoes with trees in shoe bags on a double-tiered shoe shelf below.  Additional suits and shoes in the TV room closet across the hall.  

My wife thinks I'm crazy.

On a different note, it really puts an added spring to your step when passersby of all ages smile, wish you a good morning, or respond accordingly, maybe also offer a compliment on one's attire, and wish you a good day.  Probably just a result of most of us being terribly glad to be out in public and on campus once again, but nice to experience just the same.  

As capable as we are of so much that is reprehensible, there are still some threads of goodness in humanity too.  That comes out now and again when we're lucky and least expect it.  We just need reminding sometimes.

-- Heinz-Ulrich



And yes.  I've spotted the smudge on my collar from a missed shaving nick, darn it.  Well, contrary to popular opinion in some quarters, I never claimed to be perfect.  Hey, I'm simply demonstrating how "authentic" things are here at Classic Style so that everyone can relate to me more readily.  Puh-leeze!


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