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A Late Birthday Gift. . .

 A wrist-selfie featuring my new Bulova wristwatch, which arrived the day before Thanksgiving.

One of the few acceptable pieces of visible jewelry that a man can get away with, besides a wedding band, or perhaps a signet ring, is a nice, understated wristwatch.  Now, some guys with big wrist bones and muscular forearms might be able to pull off a sports watch, a Rolex, or one of the many Rolex wannabes out there.  I have always felt, though, that this type of watch -- unless you actually happen to be an oceanographer, a fighter pilot, or an astronaut -- is on the ostentatious side and even veers wildly into needlessly garish territory depending on the model of watch and how prominently it is on display for the world to see.  Thank you, Mr. Agnelli.  

And an Apple Watch is just so. . .  I don't know.  Intentionally obsolescent after about a year?  They don't exactly scream classically stylish either.  More like Dick Tracy meets The Jetsons.

No.  Far better to err on the side of something more subtle and traditional.  Hence the acquisition above, subsidized by my in-laws for a recent birthday at the beginning of the month.  I already have and routinely wear a gold tone slim dress rectangular Seiko with an oxblood leather band, a 36th birthday gift from good ol' Mom back in 2002, but I've been on the lookout for a similar silver tone watch with a black leather band for ages.  This one nails both requirements, not always easy to do.

Here's an menswear accessory savings tip.  If you're looking at various company, or department store websites, be sure to check Amazon first before making the purchase.  Often enough, Amazon will offer the same item but at a substantial savings.  Such was the case with the watch featured here, meaning that I was able to cover the purchase price and tax -- free shipping thanks to our Prime membership -- with the birthday funds sent to me by the in-laws.

The watch is one of Bulova's more modest men's models, fairly understated, about 6mm in depth and 40mm across.  The strap is black calfskin.  The watch itself required only setting to the correct time before it was ready to put on my wrist.  No days, dates, or any other superfluous gadgetry to tinker with and get right before use.  

If you too are after a fairly plain, easy to set up model of wristwatch, I recommend this one, or another model similar to it.

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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