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Festive Harris Tweed and Cords Thursday. . .


A not unpleasant combination of cold weather items yesterday (Thursday), my last day on campus for the semester.  Possibly straying a bit close to something you might spot in Yankee Candle, but ah, well.  I felt good wearing this particular combination, and 'tis the season as they say.

I dress for myself at this point.  I have fun wearing my clothes.  They brighten my day, and maybe a few others who cross my path.  In short, dressing presentably brings me joy in otherwise unpleasant times.  

And as my wife and I discussed one evening a few weeks back, albeit in a different context, we should go out of our way to find and create more of those little bits of joy in our lives.  Doing so makes life worth living. 

Donning another tweed jacket, seasonal necktie, cords, and penny loafers this morning, following a shower and shave, to head out and run a few errands before returning to home to enter points for final student team projects.  Then I can begin calculating final course grades and get everything entered into the correct online database by tomorrow afternoon.  

Our deadline for final grade submission is 4pm on the 21st, so the pressure is on.  Fun, fun, fun. 

So, it's best to bite the bullet and make some headway before the weekend begins in earnest when The Grand Duchess and I will pop the cork on a bottle of wine Following The Young Master's 8:30 bedtime. 

-- Heinz-Ulrich


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